State Elevator inspection violations?

Often times customers are frustrated when they receive an elevator inspection violation notice from the state.  If you receive a notice simply contact Northern and we will review it with you and develop a customized repair strategy to close all elevator-related open items.

What is a Corrections of State Elevator Preliminary Order (PO)?

If, during a State safety inspection, the Safety Engineer finds any problems that need to be corrected on your building elevator,  you will receive a Preliminary Order (PO) from the California Department of Industrial Relations district office. If you want to verify any details from the PO, you can contact the office via the address and phone number details you find on the form.

After elevator repairs and  corrections have been made, you must send the written notice of corrections back to the specified office.

Notice that even if the elevator company you used to conduct the corrections have said that they will contact the office with this documentation, ultimately the responsibility for doing so is yours. Some of he corrections included in the elevator PO are building related and the elevator service company is not able to clear these items.

What if elevator Preliminary Order correction notification is not sent?

If the district office does not receive written notification that the requirements have been corrected within 30 days, an Order To Correct Unsafe Conditions Or To Show Cause will be mailed to you indicating that you have 30 days to provide written proof that you have complied with the Preliminary Order or Show Cause why you need an extension.

If written compliance is not received within 30 days and an extension is not granted, an Order Prohibiting Use will be issued and the conveyance will be shut down for non-compliance. An additional fee of $675 will be assessed for this.

Why might an elevator be shut down?

  1. Imminent Hazard — if an imminent (unsafe) hazard is found during an inspection, the conveyance will be immediately shut down for safety reasons until the hazard is corrected.
  2. Non-compliance — if you receive a Preliminary Order after an inspection and do not comply with the requirements within the specified time period the conveyance will be shut down.
  3. Non-payment — if you do not pay the invoice in a timely manner or do not pay the penalties associated with non-payment the conveyance will be shut down.
  4. Illegal device — if upon inspection, the Division finds that you are operating an illegal device not covered by the Elevator Safety Orders, the unit will be shut down.

Division of Occupational Safety and Health – Elevator unit